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Question: Is there any more chance to get a copy of the Limited First Edition CD from Anyone's Daughter "Piktors Verwandlungen" with this poster? (DJ from Stuttgart)

Answer: Sorry, the Limited First Print is sold out but I guess the band still have a few of it with poster for sale in their own shop.


New KAIPA Vinyl out on 28th of October 2016:

- KAIPA same (1975): Limited Edition first print of 500 LPs in BLUE Vinyl, 180 gram, Gatefold sleeve, + including the entire album with bonus tracks on CD.

- KAIPA Inget Nytt Under Solen (1976): Limited Edition first print of 500 LPs in ORANGE Vinyl, 180 gram, Gatefold sleeve, + including the entire album with bonus tracks on CD.

- KAIPA Solo (1978): Limited Edition first print of 500 LPs in GREEN Vinyl, 180 gram, Gatefold sleeve, + including the entire album on CD.

New Audiophile Vinyl out! (March 2015)

Anyone's Daughter second album: 250 made in yellow Vinyl, 180 gram with gatefold sleeve. Limited Edition, we guarantee no reprint of the yellow Vinyl will be made. Get your collectors copy now!

Anyone's Daughter second album: 250 made in black Vinyl, 180 gram with gatefold sleeve.

Anyone’s Daughter “Adonis” will be re-released on vinyl in September 2014. The Vinyl-LP will be made from same master as the original Brain LP in 1979. It will be released with a gatefold sleeve and on 180g audiophile vinyl, made in one of the best pressing plants in the world. We will print 500 LPs. Black Vinyl is available from all good stores. Coloured vinyl (100 LPs made) is only available from and the Anyone's Daughter mailing list.  (July 2014)


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Tempus Fugit was founded by Dirk Jacob and Uli Theurer back in 1999. The label was based near Stuttgart in the southwest of Germany. Tempus Fugit was conceived as an independent record label and music publishing company for progressive rock artists. In those years the label collaborated with various independent music distributors as well as specialized mail-orders around the world. We quickly established also a consulting and services segment as part of our business activities for connected and other artists. In 2001 Uli left the company in order to focus on the business he took over from his family.

In 2003 Tempus Fugit joined the InsideOut/SPV group and relocated to Kleve. This was a great opportunity to offer better services for the artists. After joining Insideout/SPV, our artists could benefit from a very professional marketing, promotion, and distribution network around the globe. For the first time we could offer simultaneous releases in Europe, Northern America and Japan, and could accompany these releases with wider marketing and promotion activities than before.

In order to distribute, market and promote our music in the world of (legal) downloads as well, Tempus Fugit joined forces with the independent distributor Finetunes in 2007 and created a constant presence on platforms such as iTunes, Amazon MP3 Downloads, Musicload, and many more.

In 2009, when InsideOut left SPV and joined the Century Media group, Tempus Fugit decided to continue working with SPV to distribute our CD catalogue and new releases.

TEMPUS FUGIT MILESTONES (just to name a few out of many):

1999: Our first CD is a compilation album by Tom Newman with Mike Oldfield. Of course these names opened some doors! The third album by Ines, “The Flow”, is our first release of an established artist with new music.

2000: Release of the RPWL debut album “God Has Failed”, which also is our first album that made enough sales so we are able to invest profits in further artists. Our services department successfully distributes many CDs by external artists such as Isildur’s Bane, Rockenfield Speer, Rudy’s Journey, and Glasshammer.

2001: The first project in collaboration with Matthias Ulmer of Anyone’s Daughter. Together with Matthias we create the successful 2-CD set “Requested Document Live 1980-1983”, a compilation of previously unreleased live tracks which shows Anyone’s Daughter's musical spectrum in those days and fills a gap because their early albums were not available at that time.

2002: At the peak of the German Medieval Wave, our publishing department realizes a well-donated record contract for “Minnenspiel”, the 3rd album by medieval rockers Adaro. (Ritchie Blackmore outed himself as a big fan of Adaro’s music by sending a congratulation fax to the band.)

2003: Tempus Fugit joins the InsideOut/SPV group. With Ritual from Sweden we sign our first international artist.

2005: Release of the album “World Through My Eyes” which is still our most successful release until now! German TV network WDR records concert shows with RPWL and Adaro for their famous “Rockpalast” format.

2007: Both Ritual and RPWL highlight the Baja Prog Festival in Mexicali (Mexico).

2008: Both RPWL and Ritual highlight the Rosfest in Philadelphia (USA).

2009: Eureka releases an amazing concept album about Sir Ernest Shackleton’s heroic Antarctic voyage in 1914-1916. Mastermind Frank Bossert manages to enthuse such wonderful musicians like Billy Sherwood (Yes), Troy Donockley (Iona), Yogi Lang (RPWL), and others to contribute on the album “Shackleton’s Voyage”. The artwork of the CD booklet is refined by photos of the famous Australian photographer Frank Hurley, originally taken during Shackelton’s Antarctic journey in 1914 to 1916.

2011: Almost 10 years after the actual concert and 30 years after the release of the original album, Anyone’s Daughter recreate Hermann Hesse’s work “Piktors Verwandlungen” (Pictor’s Metamorphoses) on CD, with Germanys famous poet and singer/songwriter Heinz Rudolf Kunze.

2012: After many years of attempting we finally got the license from EMI Records to re-release and remaster the three missing Anyone’s Daughter albums in our catalogue, hooray! These are the albums “Anyone’s Daughter” (1980), “In Blau” (1982) and “Neue Sterne” (1983).  We released them together with the outstanding “Live” double-album (1984) in November. A big gap in the German progressive rock history was closed with these Remaster CDs.

2014: Another highlight is the license of all five Kaipa studio albums from 1975 - 1982, including the hard to get 1980 album Händer from Polar/Universal Music. These five albums will be re-released as Remaster CDs and Vinyl during 2015 and 2016.


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News & Concerts:


Live with FULL BAND again!

(Sadly all three gigs are cancelled, again because of Covid within the band and Alan Parsons got ill too and cancelled his whole tour.)
02.07.2022 Nagold - Alte Seminarturnhalle
03.07.2022 Wermelskirchen - Haus Eifgen
19.07.2022 Winterbach - Zeltspekatkel (with Alan Parsons)



Peter Schmidt, drummer with Anyone's Daughter from 1981 until 1984 died from cancer in April 2022. Peter can be heard on the albums  Anyone's Daughter "In Blau" (1982), "Neue Sterne" (1983) and "Live" (1984).
Rest in Peace, Peter Schmidt (1955-2022)




19.03.22 SWE Gothenburg - Musikens Hus
08.04.22 D Reichenbach - Artrock Festival
30.04.22 SWE Lidköping – Artrocksällskap

'We will play new songs!'

(Patrik Lundström vocals & guitar at Ritual, also vocalist from Kaipa, speaking about Ritual's forthcoming 2022 gigs.)

RITUAL Video: Slottsskogen Goes Progressive Festival, Gothenburg 2007
Suddenly, in November 2020, this nice live video appeared from a Festival in 2007. The video is a little asynchronous in the beginning, but it was a good performance of the band. => RITUAL LIVE 2007

=> third video FUCHS LIVE 2020

=> second video FUCHS LIVE 2020

=> first video FUCHS LIVE 2020

Autumn 2020:
It seems that concerts are getting back to the smaller venues, here are some confirmed dates. (Please always look at the artist pages for last-minute updates, thanks!)




22.08.2020 Internet - Savethesummer (Streamingconcert full band!)
18.09.2020 Celle - canceled!
19.09.2020 Bordesholm - canceled!
04.10.2020 Stuttgart - Kulturium (Benefiz-Festival 50 Min. full band!)

06.02.2021 Nagold - Alte Seminarturnhalle
12.02.2021 Metzingen - Hirsch
13.02.2021 Winnenden - Zirbenwald (ausverkauft!)
14.02.2021 Winnenden - Zirbenwald
31.07.2021 Malchin - Schlosskapelle

Spring 2020:
Sorry, all concerts during the Corona period are postponed or canceled. Please look at the artist pages for updates, thanks! (Stay well and see you at some concerts when the venues can open again.)




25.07.2020 Lidköping – canceled!

Ritual will release an EP with 3 or 4 new songs before that festival.




15.02.2020 Tuttlingen - S4 Lounge
25.04.2020 Stuttgart - postponed!
30.04.2020 Metzingen - postponed!
01.05.2020 Winnenden - postponed!
02.05.2020 Nagold - postponed!


Live mit INES (key)!

01.02.2020 Stuttgart - Robert Koch Realschule



17.10.2019 Mannheim - Schatzkistl
18.10.2019 Karlsruhe - Jubez

09.03.2019 Kirchheim - Bastion
14.03.2019 Baden-Baden - Rantastic (Kopfhörer)
29.03.2019 Bonndorf - Foyer d. Stadthalle


Live mit INES (key)!

18.05.2018 Schorndorf - Phönix
19.05.2018 Schorndorf - Phönix



26.04.2018 Stuttgart - Wizemann
17.07.2018 Göppingen - Radio Fips
22.07.2018 Gomaringen - Open Air
22.09.2018 Sindelfingen - Pavillion


Kaipa Solo (1978 Album)

Limited 500 copies BLACK VINYL released January 2018
(40th anniversary of SOLO!)


Kaipa Inget Nytt Under Solen (1976 Album)

Limited 500 copies BLACK VINYL released November 2017


Kaipa same (1975 Debut Album)

Limited 500 copies BLACK VINYL released September 2017



21.07.2017 Esslingen - Burg Esslingen
with Barclay James Harvest

KAIPA / Mats Löfgren

Mats Löfgren, lead singer with Kaipa from 1977 until 1980 died after a long severe illness mid of October 2016. Mats can be heard on the albums KAIPA "Solo" (1978) and KAIPA "Händer" (1980).
Rest in Peace, Mats Löfgren (1951-2016)

KAIPA (DaCapo)

Live in Europe!

19.11.2016 SE- Rock At Sea

06.02.2017 SE - Lund / Into Music
07.02.2017 D - Hamburg / Markthalle
08.02.2017 D - Oberhausen / Zentrum Altenberg
09.02.2017 D - Köln / Yard Club
10.02.2017 NL - Uden / De Pul
11.02.2017 NL - Zwolle / Hedon
13.02.2017 D - Bremen / Meisenfrei
14.02.2017 D - Fürth / Kofferfabrik
15.02.2017 D - Mannheim / 7er Club
16.02.2017 D - Rüsselsheim / Das Rind
17.02.2017 D - Berlin / Musik & Frieden
19.02.2017 DK - Hvidovre / Medborgarsal
25.02.2017 SE - Stockholm / Bryggarsalen
01.04.2017 SE - Uppsala / Katalin

- to be continued -


Trio Live!

09.12.2016 Dornstetten - Wintergarten
10.12.2016 Dornstetten - Wintergarten
11.12.2016 Dornstetten - Wintergarten

KAIPA (DaCapo)

Live in Sweden!

09.09.2016 Simrishamn
10.09.2016 Malmö
11.09.2016 Gothenburg


Kaipa Vinyl coming 2016



23.01.2016 Ludwigsburg - Scala


New video 2015 'Animated World' appeared on Youtube

=> Youtube 'Animated World'


Live, with new songs!

21.11.2015 Stockholm - Sweden Prog Fest
Ritual will play some old classics and three new songs from the forthcoming album.

=> Sweden Prog Fest 2015


New audiophile Vinyl available!

New Vinyl out!

Anyone's Daughter second album: 250 made in yellow Vinyl, 180 gram with gatefold sleeve. Limited Edition, no reprint!

Anyone's Daughter second album: 250 made in black Vinyl, 180 gram with gatefold sleeve.